Work, pleasure and responsibilities

Athletes, actors and musicians are admirable for being able to convert passion into profession without losing sight of their genuine motivation: to play.

In my opinion, the weight of responsibilities makes the distinction between a job and a hobby. We play until we have responsibilities. These responsibilities can be economical, ethical or professional. This does not mean that running away from all responsibilities is a good approach to life, but there are burdens that one can choose. I do not await fame. I do not await wealth. I neither await validation nor recognition. But I do want to make a change in my own small way. If by making objects with pleasure I can inspire a few souls, so be it! As a young designer, I choose to react to the current ecological crisis. To me, reacting to this insane situation is more than a duty, it is an evidence. I could not take a look in the mirror if I was playing the game of overconsumption. It is a battle I have chosen, a conviction, it is not a fatality imposed by social norms such as wealth or success. Therefore, to encourage ecological actions is more of a dogma than a responsibility.

For these reasons, I allow myself to fumble around, to play, to transgress norms. I do the shapes I like, I produce the videos I like, I share my knowledge and my vision.